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One easy-to-use platform that connects all your revenue streams – online, in-store, and mobile – to save time, improve reporting, and make payments an engine which drives your operations. 

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Our finance and payments platform helps organizations better realize and reconcile revenue; no matter how many locations, merchant IDs, depository accounts, or payment methods accepted, a unified payments solution helps reduce unnecessary steps, improves the customer experience, and makes reporting easy. 

Find out more about how switching your payments to lyfecycle can help simplify your payment processing, reduce your administrative burden and technology costs, and drive more revenue.


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Frequently asked questions about payments

Find answers to common questions about payment processing, merchant accounts, and how our all-in-one payments platform brings all your revenue, treasury, and other financial processes into the same, payments-based system to increase visibility, tighten controls, and improve the efficiency of all your capital flows. 

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Payments are only the beginning.

When you have the proper payments program in place, the cost of taking payments becomes irrelevant when compared to the benefits offered by a truly optimized payments platform. 


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